Medicated pet grooming products- Everything you need to know.

Dog has a huge grin as his owner tries to give him a bath. If your dog has skin conditions, consider using medicated grooming products.
If your dog has skin conditions, consider using medicated grooming products.
Photo by Autri Taheri on Unsplash

You’ve heard of grooming, and you’ve taken your dog to the salon before for a haircut, but what the heck is medicated grooming? It sounds like medication is involved, so is it for sick pets and when would my dog need it? Over the counter medicated grooming is a new term in pet grooming that describes grooming products targeted for your dogs skin condition. Like humans, dogs can have skin problems too, but it’s less noticeable since it’s all covered by your dog’s furry coat. Because most of the time, we can’t see our dog’s skin condition, make sure you visit a pet expert to consult about your dog’s skin.

When would my dog need medicated shampoo?

Your dog’s skin condition is important to their health. Just like how you wouldn’t use a shampoo that makes your scalp itch, you also shouldn’t use a dog shampoo that irritates your dog’s skin. Especially if your dog has a skin condition, it might be time to think about getting your dog special medicated shampoo. As a professor of clinical medicine and epidemiology at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in California, Melissa Bain, DVM, has a lot to say about the health of your dog’s skin.

“Certain medicated shampoos are made just for pets with skin problems, like skin infections,” she says.

Medicated shampoo are similar to normal dog shampoo in that they have a water base, surfactants, and emollients. The only difference between them is that they contain special medicated ingredients that help with your dog’s special skin condition.

“It’s important that the [medicated] shampoo is applied evenly to the hair/coat after being diluted in water,” Dr. Bain explains. “And keep it on the dog’s skin for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.”

Skin conditions that need medicated pet grooming products

1. Ring Worm

Ring worm (dermatophytosis) is a skin fungal infection that infects the superficial layers of your dog’s skin, including skin, hair, and nails. As scary as it sounds, ring worm infections not only infect dogs, they also infect humans and other animals. The infection causes a red, round, raised ‘ring’, which is where the name comes from. The name, however, is a bit misleading, since ring worm isn’t actually caused by worms. If your dog has ring worm, consider Davis Miconazole dog and cat shampoo.

2. Hot Spots

One of the most common skin conditions in dogs, hot spots are a bacterial infection and create localized areas of skin inflammation. Also known as acute moist dermatitis, hotspots are painful oozing red areas that look similar to a bug bite. However, it’s even worse than an insect bite because a hot spot will continue to worsen and even spread, resulting in a ‘hot’ excruciating lesion. Antibacterial dog shampoos is the best way to battle a bacterial infection.  Davis Chlorhexidine dog and cat is designed to help combat moderate conditions associated with bacteria and a wide range of microorganisms, this shampoo is formulated with 2% chlorhexidine gluconate for soothing relief.

3. Mange Mites

Because not all dogs show signs when they are invested by mange mites, they are something that you need to particular take caution of. Your dog suddenly itching is one of the tell tale signs. Mange in general is usually contagious, so if you suspect that your dog has it, immediately take your dog to the vet. Mange is caused by female mites, which are parasites, that burrow under your dog’s skin to lay eggs. Some mites that cause mange are Demodox canis mites and Sarcoptes scabiei var. canis. Mange causes that skin condition that results in crusty sores, hair loss, intense itching and secondary infections.

Other medicated shampoos that are useful in pet grooming and skin conditions

Antifungal and Antibacterial Dog Shampoo

If your dog has more than one problem, consider anti fungal and antibacterial dog shampoo. These medicated shampoos use a combination of both anti fungal and antibacterial properties that help soothe your dogs skin condition.

Consider visiting the vet to know whether your dog needs any medicated grooming products.

Should I get a pet Pomeranian?

Pomeranians make great pets as companions. Not only are they small, cute, and fluffy, but they are also durable dogs. Pomeranians have a lot of character and a big heart.
Pomeranians make great pets as companions. Not only are they small, cute, and fluffy, but they are also durable dogs. Pomeranians have a lot of character and a big heart.
Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash

Out of all the dog breeds, Pomeranians hold particular importance and fame. They are a small Splitz breed that holds its origins in Germany and Poland and are descendants from larger Splitz breeds in Germany. Pomeranians are generally considered quite friendly, as they get along with everyone. 

Benefits of a Pomeranian

Choosing a Pomeranian will provide you with a lot of benefits. However, we have discussed just a couple of them below:

·      They are always ready to play with you.

Regardless of their circumstances and problems, Pomeranians will always be ready to play with you. The credit for that goes to their playful and friendly nature and the fact that they love attention and activity. Therefore, you will never get bored with them, and they will always brighten up your day. Their smartness adds to the benefit of more excitement in your life, as you can play new games with them without trouble.

·      They are smart enough to understand you.

Since Pomeranians are pretty smart, training them is not hard. While you may have trouble potty training them initially, they will learn fast. They’ll also easily learn any tricks you teach them and master any game you play with them. It makes it very feasible for you since both your efforts and disappointments are reduced significantly. It is especially beneficial if you are a person that lacks time.

Why is Pomeranian good for you?

While choosing if you should get a Pomeranian or not, you need to ask yourself what particular aspects of Pomeranians make them good. They are as follows:

You will have a long-lasting companion.

The expected life-expectancy of Pomeranians is about 16 years, while they generally live longer than that. It gives you a companion that will be with you for significant parts of your life and that will always be there to play with you, provide you with the company you need, and console you when you are down. Having 15 to 20 years of love is something that cannot be underestimated.

They will make your life merrier.

While they will always brighten your day, they will surely brighten your life with excitement, immense love, and a lot of playful activity. It is suitable for people that lack a companion or someone to play with within their life. You will have a family member that will become a part of your active life and will contribute to the wonders of it.

They are tough enough to look after themselves.

While you may require caution with Pomeranians, they are a tough bunch that will not allow anyone to mess with them. They make sure no one falls for their small size, and even the biggest of dogs will get intimidated by them. In effect, they will not only protect themselves just fine; they may even play a role in protecting you from potential harm.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, yes, you should be choosing a Pomeranian. While we do not know your taste in dogs, we can assure you Pomeranian is a breed that will fill you with love and affection and will give you the best years of your life.

What is a toy dog?

A small white and black dog sits next to a brown stuffed t-rex toy. As small as a toy, toy dogs make great companions.
As small as a toy, toy dogs make great companions and best friends.
Photo by Hkyu Wu on Unsplash

Different people keep pets for different reasons. Some keep them as family members, while others keep pets for their occupation, like a sheepdog or a police dog. Some people, however, want to have a pet for companionship and pleasure. In this case, one of the best choices is keeping a toy dog.

The reason for this is that toy dogs are adorable and love to play. It is also for this reason they are called toy dogs. Here we will discuss what you need to know about your toy dog.

Why are toy dogs different?

Although toy dogs are like regular dogs, their lifestyle and how you treat them make them similar to a beloved toy. First of all, they are smaller and more adorable than all the other types of dogs. It is also because of their good care and grooming; they need more attention–similar to how you would attend to your toys.

Other than this, toy dogs are usually of a small size and they stay that way throughout their lifecycle. It makes them stay cute and small for their whole life, unlike other dogs that get big.

Some toy dog breeds:

Some of the best toy dog breeds are listed below.

  1. Pomeranian
  2. Chihuahua
  3. Maltese dog
  4. Yorkshire terrier

How to take good care of your toy dog:

When you get a toy dog, taking good care of it is very important. That is because toy dogs are small, and they seek a lot of attention. So, here are some ways of taking good care of your toy dog.

  1. Keeping your dog hydrated is very important. Whether it is summer or winter, these dogs must stay well hydrated because this is very important for their good mental and physical health.
  2. As the dogs are small, they must eat things that their body can handle, so you must maintain their diet carefully.
  3. Regular exercise and playing are very important for their mental and physical development.

Why are toy dogs better to keep?

Although you can keep any type of dog, you should get a toy dog specifically if you want a fun experience. Here are some points that tell us why these dogs are better.

More playable

The first thing is that these dogs are more playable. While some dogs’ size or lifestyle makes them unsuitable for your indoor life, these dogs are fit for all purposes. As long as they fit in your purse, you can bring them anyplace that is dog friendly. The size of toy dogs allows them to travel and enjoy experiences with you. You can take them out to play anytime. 

Easier to manage.

Managing these dogs is not as difficult as managing big dogs. You don’t need a lot of space for them, and you won’t have any problem if they hop on your bed because they are so small that they will take very little space.

Style statement.

If you keep your dogs well-groomed, then they can become a style statement for you. You can carry them to all the allowed places with you, and everyone will love them.

Final Thoughts:

Keeping a toy dog can be a great experience because they will provide you the sensation no other dog type can. Here we discussed all that you needed to know about keeping a toy dog. You should surely go for a toy dog as it will surely help you.

Pet fashion specifically for small dogs.

A small Yorkshire terrier dresses fashionably in a black and orange dress. Pet fashion can keep your dog cute and stylish.
Humans aren’t the only ones who dress in fashions. Pet fashion has been a growing industry, focused on keeping your pet cute and stylish.
Photo by Matt Walsh on Unsplash

Have you ever thought of keeping your dog as stylish as you are? If not, you are being left behind in modern fashion trends. Right now is the time to catch up with the world’s trends. Well, the trends of the world are constantly changing, and people have now started to groom their dogs in a very fashionable way. It is known as pet fashion, and here we will discuss it all.

Why should you follow pet fashion trends?

When you can keep your dog as simple as possible, why invest in some fashionable items for your pet? There are many reasons for this, and here we will discuss some of them.

·      Your pet will match your style.

Your style is what makes you stand out. Style is a way to express yourself and state your identity. Want to make a bigger fashion statement? What better way to express that you are a dog lover than to have a pet that matches your style? Imagine yourself going to a party, and you are in the spotlight. Your well-fashioned pooch will attract all the eyes around, bringing attention to both your stylish dog and yourself.

·      You can look classier and more unique.

What’s more appealing than having your dog as a fashion accessory? Ever thought why do we keep different accessories for our dresses. Sometimes this is precisely because we want to look classy. Accessories highlight our features, and make us more unique. Women usually keep purses and jewelry on them, and men use don themselves with hats or briefcases depending on their nature of job, environment, and age.

When you make your dog as well dressed as you are, you can keep it with you in a well-fashioned manner, and making you look even more unique.

·      Some summer and winter pet fashion trends.

Selecting a fashionable outfit for your dog is not as easy as it seems to be. It is because new trends are constantly updating and changing. However, if you match your dog’s appearance with yours, you can be the star of the show. So, here are some trends that you can follow for your dog’s fashion.

·      Sweater or Coat for your dog will make it adorable.

In the winter season, a coat or sweater will not only serve as a well-fashioned item, but it will also help to keep the dog safe from the harshness of the cold. So, depending on the event or the conditions, you can choose a casual sweater outfit. If you want to keep things on the classier side, getting a sleek coat for your dog will be a great option.

Stylish pet trends for summer:

The summer days call for more casual-like and party-type days. With the sun shining brightly on your face, try to keep the dog accessories as little as possible. So, for summer, you can get the following things.

  • Cool looking neckband for a dog.
  • Men’s beach-themed t-shirt for dogs.
  • Skirt for dogs, preferably for female dogs.

Proper grooming is necessary:

Your dog may have great fashion sense, always decked on in the newest outfits, but remember, clothing is only one aspect of fashion. It is still essential to maintain their fur coats. So, you must not skip things like grooming sessions, bathing, and other maintenance in this case. In the summer, your dog could get a stylish short haircut, allowing your dog to look and feel cool. In the winter, let your dog’s hair grow, keeping your dog warm and classy at the same time.


Keeping up with pet fashion trends can change the way your dog looks, and can compliment your own style. A classy dog always looks better than a boring common dog. So, here we discussed how you could maintain high fashion for your dog.

How to take care of a Pomeranian

How to take care of Pomeranians. Photo of an adorable golden Pomeranian in a cute plaid grey dress.
How do you take care of a Pomeranian? Shower them with lots of love of course!!!
Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash

No matter what type of pet you have, it is essential to take good care of them. However, some animals need more care and attention. The Pomeranian, a breed of dog that is known for its “flouff-iness,” is one of such animals that requires a lot of care and maintenance.

Because Pomeranians are naturally more high maintenance compared to other types of dogs, carelessness can make them lose their flouff-iness, and lose their inner cuteness. Here we will discuss how you can take good care of your Pomeranian to give it the best life.

Different ways of taking good care of Pomeranians:

The following are the necessary things that you need to follow for taking good care of your Pomeranian.

1.    Train your Pomeranian.

The first and the most important thing to do after getting a Pomeranian is to train your dog. Training is a process that allows dogs to interact well with the owner. It is a crucial development process in your dog’s life. Especially in Pomeranians’ case, they are very independent, and with the right training, instead of allowing them to be the boss of you, you can be the leader of the pack and manage them well.

2.    Take good care of their intake.

Taking care of what is going inside your Pomeranian is very important. It is because they are small, and they need to be brought up on high-quality food. Some things that you can include in their diet are given below.

  • Chicken, meat, or other protein sources.
  • Never buy things that your dog is allergic to.
  • Always get the food with balanced and complete labels on it.

Along with your dog’s food, it is also essential to keep track of your dog’s hydration. Keeping them very well hydrated is very important.

3.    Regular play and exercise are essential for Pomeranians.

You might be giving your Pomeranian an amazing diet and premium food, but your furry friend continues to be sluggish and lazy. Well, one of the worst things you can do is to leave you lazy dog alone until it actually becomes a potato pup. The reason why your dog is being so lazy is that there is no proper exercise provided. So, you must take some time and add some exercise and playing time in the life of your Pomeranian. It will be beneficial for their mental and physical health.

4.    Grooming will make Pomeranians even more beautiful.

Taking care of a Pomeranian is not only about the internal health of the dog, but it is also connected to the external lifestyle of the dog. So, to keep your dog looking good, it is essential to keep them clean and well-groomed. For this, haircuts and baths are necessary.

5.    Regular health checkup is important.

The last thing that you need to do is to track the health of your dog. It can be done in one of two ways. One is to keep visiting your pet health specialist regularly. Another method is to manage the performance and lifestyle of your dog and look for changes in your dogs health frequently. If you notice any changes, consider visiting a trusted veterinarian.

Final Thoughts:

The Pomeranian is a very cute dog breed, but it needs to be cared for very well. However, taking care of a Pomeranian is not as difficult as it seems. Here we discussed several things and steps that you can follow to take good care of your dog.

Why are small dogs so attention-seeking?

small pug dog wrapped in a blanket. Why are small dogs so attention-seeking?
Why are small dogs so attention-seeking? Sometimes small dogs just need more care.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

Attention is something that small dogs crave for, but why do they need it so much? Either they adopt an attention-seeking lifestyle, or they are trying to tell you something about things in their lifestyle that might need attention. Well, the first case is not bad, but the second one might be bad for the health of your dog. Here we will discuss all the details of why small dogs require attention and how you can deal with different situations.

Reasons for the small dogs needing more attention:

The following are some different reasons, cases, and scenarios where small dogs would need attention.

1.    Your dog might be bored.

The first reason why your dog is seeking attention is that your dog might be bored. Dogs are very joyful and playful creatures. They love to live an active life. So, if you ignore the times when your dog is feeling playful, they might get bored as soon as they see they are being ignored. They will do different activities to seek your attention.

2.    Not getting enough mental stimulation might be the reason for dogs seeking attention.

Dogs are intelligent creatures as they can learn a lot very quickly. However, activities and games play an essential role in their mental development. So, when they are missing this mental stimulation phase of their life, they might become more attention-seeking in order that you play more games and do more activities with them.

3.    Small dogs need better care.

Because small dogs are small in stature, they need more care than their bigger counterparts. Their bodies are not as powerful as the bigger dogs, and neglecting this fact could accidentally lead to harm. It makes them need more attention because a little carelessness can cause significant issues for the smaller dog. In the worst case, a little illness can lead to fatality because of less immunity. The small dog knows this, and when your pooch is yelping for your attention, he/she is basically saying, “Hey, watch out! I’m here. Be careful of me!”

4.    The laws of nature are true for everyone.

Ever wondered why everything needs care and attention when it is small? Well, this is a law of nature: little beings will need more attention. Whether it be a human, plant, or any animal, the development stages of their life will need more care and attention.

In the case of dogs of small size, they remain small throughout their entire lives, which might be one of the reasons why they need attention.

5.    Less exercise could be the reason your dog needs more attention.

Exercise is one of dogs’ favorite things. Whether it be fetching, running, or walks, almost every dog loves doing this. However, if you fail to maintain a good exercise routine, the first thing you might notice is a change in your dog’s behavior. They will become more attention-seeking. They are just calling into attention that they need more physical exercise.

Final Thoughts:

So, whenever your dog becomes attention-seeking, this is a good sign that they are mostly missing your interference in their life. In this case, you can develop a better pet relationship with your dog by providing them all the necessary attention. However, if the problem seems to be related to their health, it is good to visit professionals.

What is a Pomeranian?

What is a Pomeranian?  A cute fluffy ball of fur.
Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash

Aside from a cute fluffy ball of fur, what exactly is a Pomeranian dog? Well, if we want to get technical, then a Pomeranian is a breed of dog that is of the Spitz type. They are descendants from the German Spitz, which are a larger type of Spitz. Spitz dogs are northern dogs who usually have long, dense and fluffy coats. They also have pointy ears like wolves, and their tails curl over their backs like pigs. Cute right? 

Because Pomeranians are small and look like cute stuffed animals you would buy at toy stores, they are classified as a toy dog breed. However, don’t let their small size fool you. They don’t toy around, instead their big personalities will make you wonder how such a small dog can have a lot of bark. In fact, they are one of the world’s most popular toy breeds.

What were Pomeranian dogs bred for?

Pomeranians dogs were bred to pull sleds and herd animals. It’s almost impossible to believe now, because they are so tiny, however, Pomeranians were once almost the size of wolves. Their ancestors, the German Spitz could weigh an average of over 30 pounds.

The Pomeranian breed became a breed bred for companionship in the 1700s. It was introduced to the United Kingdom, in which the British Royal Family popularized the breed and promoted its breeding. Phoebe and Mercury, two Pomeranians brought to England by Queen Charlotte in 1767, became the start of Pomeranian popularization. It was Queen Victoria, Queen Charlotte’s granddaughter who favored small Pomeranians, establishing a large breeding kennel.

How much does a Pomeranian dog cost?

Pomeranians could cost anywhere from $300 up to $7000. However, on average, they are commonly priced around $1000 to $3000. Pomeranians can be expensive breeds, but that is because they are one of the most popular toy dog breeds in the world. The factors that affect their pricing are pedigree, quality, health, and the location of the breeder.

What do Pomeranians need?

What Pomeranians need the most is attention, love and affection. They have a vivacious personality. They are known to be friendly, intelligent, sociable, extroverted, playful, and active. When considering to buy a Pomeranian, make sure you have thought about the basic needs first. Owning a Pomeranian is like adding another child to your household. They will need good quality dog food, bedding, collar, leash, dog shampoo, tags, toys, and health care. Think about the environment of your home. Do you have enough space for your dog to roam around? If not, is there a park nearby where you can take your dog to play?

What is the lifespan of a Pomeranian dog?

Pomeranians have a life expectancy of 12-16 years. They have a height of 6-7 inches, and can weigh between 3-7 pounds. They are grouped in the toy dog group.