About Us

Princess Poki

Hellooooo Hooman! So nice to meet you. My name is Poki the Pomeranian, but you can call me Princess Poki if you so desire. That’s what my daddy calls me.

We are Pompoki– a pet fashion blog that’s all about me, the cutest dog in the world. Well, I guess I’m exaggerating a bit. The blog is not just about me. It’s also about you, and your pets too. My team of humans are dedicated in sharing ways on how they pamper me. From where to shop for cute dog clothes, to what type of delicious food your dog should be eating– my humans have all the information. We’ll show you what what cute accessories would match your dog best, and how to find clothes that fits your tiny toy dog.

Thank you for visiting our website. Glad to have you here. Until next time, stay cute, fluffy, and fashionable.